Photo of Chris Hall

This site is run by Chris Hall a freelance and contract PHP and Drupal developer working in Bristol and the South West of England. It has been my way to keep up with developments in Drupal 8. Originally (08-09-2013) Drupal version 8 was still in an early Alpha stage and not something that should be considered for a production site (there could be security issues and there was not the rich variety of contributed modules that make Drupal so effective). Having (15-03-2015) updated to a recent Beta version. I finally updated to a production release 8.01 (01-01-2016). 

Drupal 8 is ready to run right now although still lacking a few contributed modules, and is developing into an increasingly viable option for complex production sites.

This site is the main place where I blog about Drupal. There has been occasional periods of inactivity whilst I been working on non-Drupal projects (Symfony etc.).