Submitted by chrishu on Tue, 02/11/2014 - 21:34

Good things come to those who wait?

Currently this site is effectively twiddling it's thumbs and awaing the eventual release of Drupal 8 Beta. The code for the site is based on an early alpha-3 release and I briefly entertained the idea of 'chasing head' after updating once a week later I discovered that was not pratical in the long term  ;).

I sense a few others are awaiting Beta, I am planning another D8 community related site and we won't even start the project until Beta is availble, the extra stability will mean that planned updates of the code will at least be potentially feasible.

When the first beta comes out, I will be looking to migrate this site into it, probably going to be fairly bespoke code to do that, however I am wondering how far I might get with the webservices rather than straight data transfer.

I have tried to get involved with a few core issues and one I contributed substantially to finally got committed. Core is painful to get involved in though (sad to say), I am switching back to making sure the blog module will run on beta release, I can get far more traction (and more fun) outside of trying to help with core. I may even get time to pursue other projects and have some real fun.

Oh yeah and there there are the Expression Engine sites I have been working on (is that a gasp I hear). That actually will lead into my next full post in a week or so.