Submitted by chrishu on Tue, 09/02/2014 - 20:33

Apologies if I ignored you

Apologies if you have left any comments recently and I have ignored them, currently like any public website that dares to expose a form; I am swimming in a sea of comment spam. 

This is an old alpha version of Drupal, when Beta comes out I will kickstart my efforts again, will be interesting to see if I have as big a problem on Beta Drupal and latest Honeypot, I guess I will as Honeypot appears to be still doing what it is intended to do. 

I do have the Honeypot module installed (a version that worked with this version of D8) and it is working on both the timeout and honeypot fields, sadly some of the spambots I am being attacked by can get past both (one in particular seems to be spraying spam, fanned out over a number of apparent delays to avoid the time trap.

Currently if you include the ones Honeypot module is blocking, I am averaging a little more than two spam submissions every minute of which hundreds are getting through for moderation every day.

For the next few blog posts I should be able to answer comments, I hacked core (which is fine when running and old D8 alpha, to current D8 alpha install my core looks like it came from Mars anyway). I raised the query limit on the comment admin views to 1000, making it easier to clear big swathes of spam whilst moderating them.