Submitted by chrishu on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 08:07

There is no charge for sprinting

Short and sweet, I am planning more activity for post Beta launch, but "Good news everybody".

After a bit a of activity on Twitter it was made apparent that a ticket is not required to attend Drupalcon Amsterdam sprints (presumably other Drupalcons as well). This is probably not news to some people but it appears many are not aware of this, or like me have not really thought about it. 

As a freelancer I was sadly coming to the conclusion that Drupalcon Amsterdam was out of reach, after ticket price, accommodation travel, loss of earnings etc. the expense is rather large especially when you have a family to consider (I find it hard to justify why I should spend so much on a holiday just for me). 

Now however I have the option to take a shorter hop and still get to meet some interesting people, perhaps even combine with another day or so in Amsterdam with my partner. 

This really extends the options for those of us not too far away from Amsterdam and thanks for the clarification.


As a further clarification this on applies to the pre- and post sprints.