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Drupal 8 install

Drupal 8 install process doesn't really hold any surprises for a seasoned Drupaler.  There probably are one or two functional changes but basically it looks nicer and takes just a little longer (not very scientific but I had just recently performed a Drupal 7 install). 

I am surely going to find a lot of changes under the hood when I get around to looking at install profiles but so far all I have really discovered is that you no longer need get_t(), the t() function seems to be available straight away. I only found out because of what happend next.

Clean Urls and Drupal 8

After the install I started playing around and everything was fine until I tried saving some content. and nothing happend, it just failed quietly. It didn't take me long to find out what the problem was. One of my "If I had a penny for ..." things is forgetting to turn on rewrite in Apache when I set it up on a virtual machine for testing. After enabling rewriting it all worked, The only odd thing was that if I forget this on 7 I know when I see the urls are in the index.php?q=node/x format and the Clean Url test fails.

If turns out the Drupal 8 has no Cean Url setting and does not test for them. Clean urls sort of work out of the box because the .htaccess file maps the ErrorDocument to index.php. The problem is that this does not work for form posts (something you are going to want to work).

Drupal 8 detects Clean Urls based on the requested url and the new dirty url format is in the form index.php/node/x if the request url is in that format then all urls written on the page will be also. You can read more here 

Unforunately after install Drupal takes you straight to Clean Urls right away, so if you don't have rewrite then you just might not know what the hell is going on. 

Attempting to resurrect a patch

Found an issue and patch (that needed a little work but seemed to have been abandoned so I fixed it (hence discovering t() function thing) and added a new patch, also changed to a warning as install should not be stopped just on the basis of not detecting rewrite, was reasonably hopeful as it had 15 followers but nothing back unfortunately. 

The patch is here:

After spending a little more time investigating I think that further work (some in other issues) would be to:

  • Fix the problem that warning on install don't tell you clearly what is happening.
  • Fix documentation linked to, documentation on clean urls is not clear for Drupal 8
  • Add explanation of the dirty url fix to the warning
  • Detect clean urls at the point of redirect to 'visit your site' so users that don't appear to have rewrite

Athough reading the entire issue and links there still appears to be some confusion, I would want to make certain that dirty urls work for everything.

Not highly motivated to carry on with this as nobody is listening but will try to pick it up again after sorted out a few other things I need to do before end of next week. I think my best bet might be just to raise another issue and add a better patch.

I actually think a few people are going to stumble on this particularly if they are not habitual rewrite forgetters like me.


Anonymous (not verified)
Fri, 04/04/2014 - 02:34

Glad I found this, wouldn't have thought for a second to check rewrite. #koding